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Get Up Culture

Get Up Culture (2019) is a graffiti inspired street art gallery featuring art by Vincent A. Santiago. He specializes in portraits & wild animals. Each paining contains elements of graffiti & fine art fused into one cohesive style. Get Up Culture's clothing line represents freedom and strength to become your best version in whatever you do. Hire Vincent for a custom wall mural by texting or calling 424-253-4612.

Vincent A. Santiago

Vincent has been painting and drawing since the age of 3. He has always been a creative person, whether it was painting, writing or creating music. Growing up in Barstow, CA he always kept a sketch book with him and would often doodle on his notes after the class lesson. He took a few standard art classes in school received no formal training.

He loved the challenge of creating a picture perfect graphite drawing of cars, animals and faces. In high school he was exposed to the graffiti art scene and was fascinated by the creativity, loud colors and fine details in pieces on a sketchbook or wall.

His sophomore year and beyond took of most of his time as he was heavily involved in football, baseball and track & field. Riding on the bus after the games team member would freestyle rap and he loved the energy so he decided to creatively express himself through words.

The bottom section is an archive of Vincent's released music from 2011.

After high school he attended Victor Valley College and graduated from Barstow Community College & California Lutheran University. He joined the United States Air Force in 2009 and worked as a crew chief for the C-130 cargo plane for his first 6 year commitment. Although highly recommended to complete another 6 year term, he decided to peruse a career on his terms. He left the Air Force Honorably and started a clothing business designing his own t-shirts and customizing designs for individuals and corporations.

Around the same time he slowly transitioned out of the music business as he felt it gave him a voice and confidence to creatively express himself in other ways such as art. After year's of development and refining his art style, he created his own style that is a mixture of graffiti and fine art which he calls, "graffiti inspired street art."

Since 2018 he has been commissioned to paint custom portraits, murals and design logos for individuals and corporations around the world. His desire is to create, inspire and motivate through his art.


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